anti slip eco sandals

Solewell Men’s Anti Slip Eco Sandals are designed to make you comfortable and safe as the sole is an Anti Slip soles and can grip well on watery or oily surface.

When you purchase a pair of Solewell Men’s Anti Slip Eco Sandals, you are actually getting yourself a green product as the sole is made of recycled nitrile rubber gloves.

We thank you for your support and let us work together for a greener environment.



find out why we upcycle

A rubber glove company may produced up to 80 tons of rejected nitrile gloves per month and increasing yearly. These nitrile gloves are difficult to be recycled, and have to be disposed to the landfills. Today, we have successfully developed and patent (pending) a recycling technology for these gloves which is able to save our environment and gives sustainability to eco-system. Furthermore, this compound gives superior properties to our footwear. 

1 pairs
No. of Rejected NItrile Rubber Gloves saved from landfills for Every Pair of Solewell Anti Slip Eco Sandals

anti slip performance

Solewell Eco Sandals have been tested on slope 30% with oil, water and soap.

Our eco soles have unique pattern which can grip the floor very well for your safety.

Our sandals are suitable for bathrooms, gyms, swimming pools, kitchens and etc.

No sole is 100% anti slip. For best anti slip performance, we recommend to keep your soles clean from dirt.

Our Solewell Anti Slip Eco Sandals soles are made of 100% upcycled rejected nitrile rubber gloves compound. This is our way to give back to the environment.


anti slip, comfortable and stylish

Light weight, non toxic & coloured soles

oil resistance, non marking & abrasion resistance soles

eco sandals collection

Black with Red Straps Sandals
Size 6 until 10

Red with Grey Straps Sandals
Size 6 until 10

Navy Blue with Dark Blue Straps Sandals
Size 6 until 10

quality testing

Our R&D team continue to test the materials to maintain the best quality assurance for all products.

tensile test

abrasion test

abrasion test

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