Our Story

Solewell is created in year 2018. Our purpose is to create the most innovative sustainable rubber footwear. We want to develop footwear to help preserve Mother Earth and end consumers who have issues with slippery and durability with our patent pending anti slip green technology.

From Gloves to Sole

Problem No.1

Malaysia is the largest gloves producer in the world. However, the gloves waste are rapidly increasing from year to year.


Gloves waste are sent to landfills and gloves take more than 100 years to decompose.


When gloves are incinerated, CO2, non-toxic oxide and nitrogen oxide will be released.

Environmental Hazards

Landfills caused pollution by produces harmful gases and contribute to global warming.

Problem No.2

Slips and Falls were the second most common injury and 67% of Slips and Falls are due to improper footwear on wet surface.

9 millions

Slip and fall injuries requiring emergency room care each year.


Emergency room visits due to falls, the No. 1 cause of accidental injury.


Fractures are the most serious consequences of falls and occur in all people who fall.

No. of tonnage gloves waste in landfills per month
No. of years for nitrile rubber gloves to decompose
1 %
Slips and Falls due to wet surface caused by improper footwear

Our Solution

Solewell Anti Slip Eco Sandals

Green Product

Sole is made of upcycling nitrile rubber gloves.

Anti Slip Green Technology

Patent pending anti slip green technology.

Malaysia 1st Anti Slip Eco Sandals

Made in Malaysia and awarded with Malaysia Good Design Award 2019.

About Solewell

Proven Green Performance


To shape the future of footwear as innovative eco-friendly products.


To be the most sustainable eco footwear brand.


To be the global leader in eco footwear industry.

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